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Production - Production of chewing Gum

Chewing Gum Production Process

The chewing gum production process is the combination of traditional and cutting-edge technology. The product has undergone a continuous development.

Preparation of the Mixture

In the first stage, the raw materials are added to a preheated mixer which has a capacity to keep a product from 50 to 400 kg. The first material is “gum base” providing the chewable part of the finished product. Other materials are then added with a predetermined order: For sugar-based chewing gum: glucose syrup, sugar, glycerin and essences.

For sugar free chewing gum: maltitol syrup (such as sorbitol or mannitol), sweetening agents replacing sugar (such as aspartame), intense sweetening agents, glycerin, essences. The useful materials coming out as one chews the gum such as baking salt, fluorine, calcium salt etc. are added afterwards. The weight of the raw materials is measured and added with certain predetermined doses with computer aided systems. Thus, the exact repeatability of the mixture is ensured.


In order to give the desired shape to the chewing gum, the mixture mass passes through an extruder where appropriately cut and wrapped smooth layers are obtained. The mixture passing through the first extruder appears as a strip or nut. These are placed on lines and cooled down.


A second extruder is used in its production and gum is obtained as strips. Then, these strips are cut down into pieces and wrapped as finished product. While producing as a strip or chunk,

The product is cut as long and thin strips; the traditional strip gums are produced with these. For the chunk gums, the product is cut as small balls. Finally, the obtained gum is heated at a degree between the room temperature and cool and ensured that it reaches a certain consistency. The strips are kept for a required period and then placed in “cut and wrap” machines where the final package is obtained. In this stage, the gum is subjected to a process called coating.


In this stage, the soft part inside the gum is coated with a hard and crispy skin and sweetening is carried out for giving the instant taste and freshness feeling when the gum is started to be chewed. The product is placed in wide coating pans with a capacity of 400 to 1.500 kg of gum. Syrup, sweetening agent and coloring agent are sprayed on the gum.

Rolling and spraying process is carried out under controlled temperature and humidity to ensure a proper drying.

Wrapping and Packaging

This is a very important stage as the outer packaging represents the image of the product and displays its freshness. The gum packaging still used most frequently is the plastic film coated twist-off boxes. Blister package and ten-strip bar are also among the most preferred packaging types.

The gums are generally wrapped in strips or single-part packages. On the other hand, the strip gums are first wrapped in an aluminum package for protection and then in strips as groups.

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